K.u.K. Sturmtrupp – Western Front 1918

KuKSturmtrupp02   KuKSturmtrupp03   KuKSturmtrupp04   KuKSturmtrupp000

The First World War in its last months, lieutenant of the Austro-Hungarian “Sturm Truppen” in combat. Those assault squads were the elite special forces in German and Austro-Hungarian armies, used mainly to take over the enemy trenches.
Simplified uniform (captured green material – classic Austro-Hungarian uniforms were more gray), and equipment adapted to fight in the trenches.

Figure: 120 mm, resin kit from Polish producer MarS, photo-etched barbed wire, stand – homemade.
Painted with oils in 2012-2013.

Teutonic Order Grand Master’s Standard Bearer – Grunwald (Tannenberg) 1410

TS - 1   TS - 3   TS - 7

On 15th July 1410 at Grunwald (Tannenberg), took place one of the most important battles of the Middle Ages. The army of the Teutonic Order, its allies and invited “guests”, faced the combined forces of Eastern Europe, mainly Polish and Lithuanian, commanded by the Polish king.

About 30,000 people fought on each side.

In few words – the Order lost, the Grand Master died. The growing power of the Teutonic Knights, threatening countries of Eastern Europe, was broken.

54 mm scale, resin figure, Polish producer M-Model.
Painted with oils, finished 2012/2013.


Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf. E – Eastern Front 1942

Pz.IV E - 2                         Pz.IV E - 4

Pz.IV E - 7                         Pz.IV E - 8

Medium Tank Panzer IV may not have been spectacular war machine, but by the entire Second World War was the main and most popular tool of Panzerwaffe. E version was produced in the years 1940-1941. Weight of about 21 tons,  short 75 mm gun. Usually, even in that early period of the war on the Eastern Front, this version of Panzer IV did not have a chance against the Russian T-34 or KV.

1:35 th Scale, Dragon Kit No. 6264
Painted with brushes only, finished 2012/2013.

Battered Bastard – 101’st Airborne Div., Bastogne 1944

bastard 1   bastard 2   bastard 3

‘Battered Bastards of Bastogne’ – U.S. 101st Airborne Division was named that, after extremely hard and heroic defense of Bastogne in december 1944 – they were surrounded, without supply, heavily attacked, but they maintained their positions. That was one of most important causes of German defeat in Ardennes

Scale 120 mm, vinyl figure from SOL Model.
Painted with oils in 2012.

Otto Skorzenny, Gran Sasso 1943

skorzenny 1  skorzenny 3  skorzenny 2

Nazi special forces officer, according to Goebbels’ propaganda “the most dangerous man in Europe”.
Famous after September 1943, when commanding a small team of German paratroopers landed on the Gran Sasso mountain, and in daring, lasting a few minutes raid, bounced Benito Mussolini from arrest of anti-fascist Italian government.

Scale 1:16, plactic model from Dragon.
Painted with oils in 2010.

Greek Hoplite, IV century B.C.

hoplite 1       hoplite 2       hoplite 3

Scale 1:16,  plastic model from Ukrainian MiniArt, with my (very small) alterations in the pose and details.
Painted with enamels and oils in 2009.

Sturmbannfuhrer, Ardennes 1944

sturmbannfuhrer 2 sturmbannfuhrer 3 sturmbannfuhrer 1

Scale 1:16, plastic model produced by Dragon
Painted with enamels in 2009 – my second ‘serious’ figure.

French Musketeer XVII c.

Musketeer. That was the first figure that I’ve painted seriously, also the first one in bigger scale, and generally my come back to making models after many years.

musketeer 1     musketeer 2     musketeer 3

Figure: scale 1:16, plastic model produced by MiniArt, with my little sculpting upgrades on the tunic and trousers.
Painted with enamels in 2009.